Sunday, May 25, 2008


The Doka Club staff:

Hi there!
Today was Gertrud´s great day. She was introduced to the rest of the aircooled family in Tenerife.
She wore her beautiful canvas top over the canopy hoops that had been recently painted. It was really funny to dress her up!

Once dressed we drove to the meeting point in La Laguna where we usually gather to start the journey tothe north-west of the island passing through some beautiful small villages sounding our horns to call people´s attention.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hi again!
These last two weeks have been like a roller-coaster for us at the club. While Guanchita´s engine was being re-fitted with new cylinder heads, Gertrud appeared with a broken valve which made it urgent to download her engine, dismantle it and repair the damage as show in these snaps taken during the process:

In the meanwhile, Gloria represented the Club at a classic cars exhibition that took place last Sunday in La Orotava, under a shinning sun and surrounded by great pals!
Unfortunately, her heart broke under the pressure spiiting out one sparkplug. New cylinder heads will be fitted to it soon to get well for next ride...!
That´s the price to pay for a long life of hard work and suffering without complaining!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


One of the best things when you join a group of fanatics with the same obssesion is that you "are understood" and "belong to the community", those who wear the ring of the WVs...

So it´s very common that when you have to face the hard work of doing some repairings you can count on them to lend you a hand. That´s what happened a few weeks ago when Fotingo800 decided to make Gertrud brighter by sandblasting, primming and re-painting the cargo and passenger floors. We were four for the fight: El Gofio, Kiko, Fotingo800 & VWAlberto, sort of a VWs dream-team to solve the problem:That´s team work friends! We´ll see more soon as an aircooled meeting is close at hand in Tenerife...
...have a long and pleasant journey & see you next post!

Friday, May 9, 2008


These are our precious dokas (Doppel Kabine in German). Each of them belong to a transporter type 2 series.
  • The wine/silver one is "Guanchita", whose name is inspired in her hometown La Guancha. She´s the eldest type T2a and we don´t know much about her previous life except the fact that she was light grey and wasn´t rusty at all.
  • The orange/beige one is "Gloria", type T2a-b who has run more than 1,500,000 kms carring hardware and carpentry goods, even beehives for the last years previous to her restoration.
  • The marine blue one is "Gertrud", a T2b type, the youngest and best treated one, only 75,000 kms done.
They´re the first three members of this crew-cabs or dokas club. We´ll tell their story and improvements in their uptodate restoration as soon as new changes will be made...keep in touch!