Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Two T2a dokas have been recently restored to their former condition. The first one is in the north of the island...

It still has the special open windows on both sides of the passengers seat...

And the cargo floor has been repaired in a very imaginative way, not similar to the original but easier and cheaper to build up...

The second one, same colur, belongs to our friend Ericson and is for sale (4500 Eus)

It´s a bit younger than the previous one (early 1971) and with the same characteristics...

The engine has been rebuilt and fit to a ride condition. note the two green balls covering the heating pipes...

Nice to see they come to life again!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I remember those buggies all over the island as they belonged to 2 car rental companies. They were the Puma Buggy, made in the island due to a commercial agreement with the italian Co. that originally made them form Vw chassis...

They were so common and important in the island that even the factory catalogue pictured a photo taken in the south of tenerife (in el Medano) in the cover. We couls see eleven people onto the Puma with the Hotel el Medano at the back...

This model was later sold to the Spanish Mainland (Peninsula) as a 2nd hand car known as Buggy Gofio (popular cereals made from corn flour in the islands...)

A second version was the Puma GT, sharper nose also 4 seaters and could even be equipped with soft top, hard top or gullwings doors...

Only a few remain from a lot that outnumbered 200, but little by little they are rebirthing again from dull garages and bushy ravines...
This photo is an exaple of the gullwing-doors model.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


There is a rumour that one of these rare jewels is being patiently restored in our island

Discovered, bought & brought here by a vw and army stuff enthusiast who is patiently restoring this VW166 Schwimmwagen to run and sail again on our roads and coasts!!!

We are looking for clues. Maybe soon some real pics about its restoration...

Friday, May 15, 2009


Para todos los amigos de los VW air cooled. El próximo Domingo día 19 de Julio del 2009 , tendrá lugar en Puerto de la cruz , la PRIMERA CONCENTRACIÓN DE VW CIUDAD DE PUERTO DE LA CRUZ.
Anímate a participar, prepara tu vw y acude. No dudes en comentárselo a tus conocidos , se trata de batir todo un récord en concentración monomarca en la ciudad turística .

Agenda del día Sábado 18 de Julio.

Día libre. Podrán ir acudiendo los participantes a la ciudad. Se ofrece la posibilidad de estancia económica en un hotel 3 estrellas junto a la Plaza de Europa.

Agenda del día Domingo 19 de Julio.

10:00 Distribución de vehículos en Plaza de Europa y Penitente.
14:00 Almuerzo para conductores y acompañantes por confirmar lugar.
17:00 Salida de vehículos.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This will be BKS´s new rat-race hoodride: a 64 cabrio!!!!

Not in very good shape, but attractive enough for those brave boys who don´t care about welding & more welding. As they proudly say "Rust is not a crime..."

Today we gather them in the quest for a donor body that came out to be even in worse shape!!!

probably burnt all over some time ago, they seemed to appreciate it even more than the original body!!! What will come out from that rusty & crunchy crap??

We´ll see. Nobody does it better. C´mon BKS go for the ride!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


These are the pics taken to the "snake for sale" we could see at the retro-show in Adeje a couple of weeks ago...

A thrilling back view

The Cobra close up pic

Passion red cockpit

An easily recognosible profile

One of the few non aircooled cars I dream of....

Saturday, May 2, 2009


A new photography star is born: MAXIM DEKNOCK, a young and inspired artist whose pictures show a personal view of rides & lanscapes worth to enjoy. Here we have some examples taken during the recent meeting in Arona:

Visit his webpage