Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Sunday early mornings are the best moment of the week for a ride! Roads are empty and all those bikers, cyclist and coupé drivers ar still in bed. North roads are for sure the best of the island. My favourite is TF-05, the one with gently flows along the north shore. You can drive and see that blue glowing sea all the way as a if it were by your side like a pal!

Resting and having an expresso coffee at Garchico´s parking facilities.

And Garachico´s rock, always there facing the sea and more and more famous each day as it appears at the beginning of Fast and Furious 6.

Time to go back. Cyclist and bikers are awake and ready to take the roads!

Sunday, April 9, 2017


Sundays are days to wake up early and take a ride before all Sunday-bikers-to-be spread all over the road. Today I remembered the old Icod el Alto route and headed towards the green hills on the north of Tenerife...

 A couple of kilometres and el Teide vulcano was in front of us. What a sight!

I really enjoy driving this lonely road across the laurisilva forest.

And suddenly, a curve and there she is...another doka waiting to come back to life!