Sunday, June 29, 2008


we are the champions my friend!!!! Football Eurocup Winners!!!!

Felicidades a todos los que sentimos los colores de la selección

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Hi everyone!
Today we´ve been pretty busy admiring the first bus in the club: a baywindow deluxe walk-through 8 seats 2000cc!!! Here we can see Kiko, its proud owner, showing off about his new project!!

It was imported to the Canary Islands in 1973 and later adapted a 2000cc engine from a T3. There were lot of spareparts inside so much that it was almost impossible to open the sliding door without things falling onto the pavement! One of the most valuable spareparts is this original VW dashboard clock that fits into the instruments panel perfectly!

Here there are all the stuff (behind is Zeben´s doka with the tilt and canvas on!!)

Jesus, our particular daredevil driver, had the important mission to drive her into the garage where she´s going to be caressed and refitted for the next months...

And at last all the DokaClub crew and the new-comer, our first bus!! (it´s like having a baby...)

Por cierto beam-scrapers, el mail de la página web de uds no me funciona. ¿Pueden contactar con el mio? Hay pendiente un cafelito en el Jagua, o en el Kiosko de Fidel...

Friday, June 27, 2008


Today I was amazed to see our dokas in those guys cool blog

It seems we´re neighbours here in la Orotava (¿un cafelito ahí en el Jagua?) We like their style and we envy their mechanical habilities!!
One of the members of the Doka Club is "hoodriding" himself more and more, and here it´s the proof:

apart from his other ride (lower is difficult!):

We have to make contact!! A ver cuándo nos vemos!!!


Yesterday while Spain was playing vs Russia and won 3-0, we were unscrewing everything on Gloria´s engine. At last we left the crankcase alone with the cylinder heads off. By the way, both were ruined, thank God I´ve got another rebuilt pair!

Definitely, if something might go wrong you can be sure it will! After a crazy day running from one spareparts shop to another, I couldn´t find all the spares I needed, and Jesus (our McGiver man) is gonna be off from Monday till September, so Gloria (my orange/beige Doka) will have to wait at least along July & August sleeping in the garage for better times. I´m afraid it won´t be on time for September 7th meeting. Quite disappointing! I´m seriously considering to quit this aircooled passion, sell the pickup and collect stamps or something really relaxing....

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Hello again!
After almost a month stopped due to the broken cylinderhead, the boys from the Doka Club decided to take Gloria´s engine out to dismantle and repair it.

It was a great time to open the well in my garage that has been closed for the last 13 years! Here Kiko & EL_Gofio are under Gloria unscrewing everything to take the engine out of her.

After an hour or so, the engine was left on the floor and we had to elevate the doka to slip it backwards...
It was a hard work because our tools were not the best, but we tried the Venezuelan way: If you have to lift her, do it anyway! And it worked!!

At last the aircooled engine was out, and the other 3 members of the Doka Club posed showing their happiness to have a new vicitim for their wicked surgery...

Today we´ll finish the dismantling process and we´ll clean it carefully so that tomorrow everything will be ready to mount it and start it again.
Tonight more pics to come...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


One thousand visits in such a little time... Please keep coming whenever you like, we´ll be pleased with your company (and her too...)

Here a beautiful doka...
Thanks to EDFox for their excellent pics.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Just a dream come true! After a couple of years lookin for a decent kombi he´s just found this one deep into our forests, in an old german hermit´s house (the fool on the hill...). It was being patiently restored but the process has not finished yet. here we can se Kiko´s happiness...

EL_Gofio (our Mcgiver man), the hermit & Kiko posing for eternity with the newcomer...

To be precise, it is a 9 seats kombi deluxe with all its chrome trim carefully dismantled and a 2000cc engine instaled ( a type 4 ). It´s going to take some work to clean some rust, sandblast the body and paint it, and to finish mounting everything back again (sounds great!!)

The first bus in the Doka Club. Not the last I hope....!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Just when you think you´ve controlled all the dokas in Orotava valley suddenly you face this beautiful sight:

It´s not rusty (at least apparently), it has been repainted in blue (not original blue neptune but darker) and silver (bumpers and dashboard). It seems to be a daily driver cab and someone it´s really caring for her.

Strange cargo bars, not the original ones, but runs ok and sounds nice!!

Well done boy! Enjoy your new ride! Maybe we´ve found a new member for the club....

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Today was the day we´ve arranged to fix Gertrud´s wooden trim on the cargo bed. All Dokas imported to Canary Islands used to have it, but many years of weather exposure and no wood manteinance ruined them so badly that they remains were taken off and screw holes were covered.
To start with we counted the number of "slopes" on the cargo bed as only 15 wooden stripes or trims were needed. We started from the middle to the sides:

The distance between screws was carefully taken as 2 stripe-sizes and 5 screws in each one were used.

The only incident was that my thumb was drilled!!!
Fortunately not seriously injured, but it bleeded at lot! I was pressing the wood with my thumbs on both sides of the screw while El_Gofio was drilling it in and it bent, what made the drill slip and caught my left thumb. It hurts boy!

Every wooden stripe was coated underneath and on both sides with clear silicon. (here Fotingo800 is doing his best!)

And the final result: Gorgeous!!

We also had time to unscrew the front ventilation grill and clean all the inner section, and paint the plastic grill and the air-vent covers.

Next time bumpers, or maybe Guanchita´s engine re-fitting, or Gloria´s engine taken out to be repaired. Who knows? No time for boredom I´m afraid...Hope my poor thumb gets better soon!

Monday, June 9, 2008


I couldn´t resist the temptation to take a hidden photo of the nice sight of Gloria being cleaned and softly caressed by three young women into the car-wash. Unfortunately my mobile hasn´t got a powerful zoom, so you´ll have to use your imagination...

Women: nobody does it better!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Sometimes in our visits to local junkyards we find amazing dokas like this one, left there not in too bad condition. In fact after dropping her gently down on the ground again we were able to start her and go for a short ride into the junkyard...

Dust and and old patina paint seemed to be the only problems with her...

Only superficial rust could be found here and there, but fittable with some work on her.

Unfortunately, the junkyard owner didn´t want her go except for spareparts in pieces, and we had to assume that the dream will never come true...

We finally took some doors, cargo lids and rear bumper.
Poor doka, after a long hard working life finally rests in peace. No resurrection dream for her...

Thursday, June 5, 2008


500 clicks ! Just a month on line and we´ve got so many visits. Thanks to you all and keep visiting us from time to time...

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