Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Last Sunday, Sandro introduced his new kombi in society. We call her "Heidi" as it was an Austrian police van formerly painted in "green forest". The siren horns are still in front and work perfectly!!!

What makes this walkthrough kombi interesting is her original metal sliding roof, and her 2 sliding doors!!

She has missed her central 3 passengers seat and the roof police lights... But Sandro´s children had filled her up with scooters, foldable seats, and any sort of toys you can imagine....

As it´s written on her cargo door "rust is not a crime", because it´s very rusty and a lot of welding work is to be done on her....

Here "Heidi" and "Gloria" side by side. The kombi is powered by a 2000cc aircooled engine (more than enough) and to our envy she has a European hi-way gearbox!!! (Ours are alpine ones, very powerful but too slow and noisy to drive along the motorway)

All her beauty displayed at "Las Eras Meeting" last weekend.... Good luck and good project!!!

Thanks to Van & Guille, Facund & Volschinet for some of the pics!!

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Good photo essay, thanks