Saturday, June 14, 2008


Today was the day we´ve arranged to fix Gertrud´s wooden trim on the cargo bed. All Dokas imported to Canary Islands used to have it, but many years of weather exposure and no wood manteinance ruined them so badly that they remains were taken off and screw holes were covered.
To start with we counted the number of "slopes" on the cargo bed as only 15 wooden stripes or trims were needed. We started from the middle to the sides:

The distance between screws was carefully taken as 2 stripe-sizes and 5 screws in each one were used.

The only incident was that my thumb was drilled!!!
Fortunately not seriously injured, but it bleeded at lot! I was pressing the wood with my thumbs on both sides of the screw while El_Gofio was drilling it in and it bent, what made the drill slip and caught my left thumb. It hurts boy!

Every wooden stripe was coated underneath and on both sides with clear silicon. (here Fotingo800 is doing his best!)

And the final result: Gorgeous!!

We also had time to unscrew the front ventilation grill and clean all the inner section, and paint the plastic grill and the air-vent covers.

Next time bumpers, or maybe Guanchita´s engine re-fitting, or Gloria´s engine taken out to be repaired. Who knows? No time for boredom I´m afraid...Hope my poor thumb gets better soon!

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pcavernicola said...

Hola, buena iniciativa esta vuestra de la aficion por las Dokas, lastima que el tiempo en Asturias nos haga iclinarnos por furgos cerradas. A disfrutar de esas trillizas, son unas preciosidades