Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hi, I´m back from a short holiday break on a nearby island I specially adore and I enjoyed a lot with these wonderful sights:
First a bicolour doka (dark green-beige)

Another hardworking one awaiting restoration time... (while housing some dogs on the cargo area)

This one defenitely has gone out...poor lady!

The best one I saw again, I really liked this one which belongs to a smiling dude who had inhereted it from his grandpa...

A night vision, a cabrio kubel on a night ride (owner having some beers in a nearby bar...). Sorry but the pic was taken with a mobile

This one was strange, the third one I saw with this combination. It´s like a mixture between a panelvan and a combi. It doesn´t seem to be done after factory manufacturing but a special order! I saw at last 3 the same.

And that was it. Some more out of reach because I had no camera or drove away to fast to shoot them.

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