Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SAVED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we´ve heard the good news: this poor doka is going to be saved at last! After some months awaiting his owner´s decision finally was given to a good friend of us and she´s gone to the south of the island for a second chance/life. Maybe she´ll became a beamscraper rat-ride or something, but alive & kicking again!

If finally he decides a total resto it´s gonna be a hard work. But she deserves it!

Another one on the road again! To celebrate it we´ve put "On the road again" By the Spanish group Barrabás in our Song for a ride, just push play and listen!

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vwair 13 said...

con toda la humildad del mundo, algo le vamos a hacer !!!

saludos gente y gracias ...