Sunday, October 5, 2008


This type (T1 double cabin) was the best sold VW van in the Canary Islands for decades: It was used for local farmers to harvest the bananas "piñas de plátanos" from the plantations, as for local business such as carpentry workshops or garages to transport all kinds of goods and stock. This one is like Elio Reyes´treasure.

The westy (below) was rarely seen in the islands except for the tourists that came by boat after passing across the Mainland on tour.

This is a shocking picture of the manufacturing process at Wolfburg. Could you imagine yourselves having a look at such a wonderful parking?

The samba was particulary seen in Puerto de la Cruz as it was used to carry the tourists in short tours around the island, or to see the Teide. Nine seats and an open-air ragtop made then perfect for those narrow and "snaking" roads we had...

Another picture of the factory. Funny to see that all kinds were assembled at the same time: kombis, dokas, panelvans...

I remeber the red cross ambulances in La Orotava, Puerto de la Cruz and La Laguna.

Strange kombi with 12 seats. I´ve never seen such seats combination in my life. Hard to believe that the engine to move all those people was a bare 1300cc!!!

An early bay-window cut to the bone shows her mechanical distribuition:

Kiko would like to have his Deluxe walkthrough in such a good shape! (In fact his bus is a late T2b).
And finally T2 Doka similar to ours at the Doka Club. This seems to be an early model T2a like Gofio´s Guanchita, my Gloria is a 1971 T2a-b.

I hope you´ve enjoyed the pictures as I did and do from time to time...

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